The Coached Planning Ritual That Doubles Your Productivity In 20 Minutes A Week

This methodology helps our clients enjoy:

explosive revenue growth.frictionless delegation.optimized personal habits.deep-work every day.turning big ideas into results, fast.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have embedded our planning system and coaches permanently on their team, and hit their biggest goals.

Now it’s your turn.

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Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels?

If you’re anything like the entrepreneurs we help, you know you could be moving faster. But no matter how hard you work, you always feel behind.

Sadly, most people turn to the same old solutions: woo-woo self-help books, expensive courses from gurus, or complicated project management tools.

But it never works, because every other productivity solution just puts more on your plate…

They demand more will power, more learning time, and more mental effort, and so they always fail after the initial excitement wears off.


A New Approach To Productivity

We believe you already have all the ideas.

You just struggle to take action, because entrepreneurs lack structure and accountability.

We solve this overnight by installing an evidence-based weekly ritual that becomes an accelerator for everything else in your life.

The ritual was developed with researchers at Harvard and NYU, so it’s based on real science.

And, it’s incredibly easy to stick to it consistently, because you’re guided through it every week 1-to-1 by an expert coach (all in-house & US-based).

Commit Action Features

Become The Most Effective Entrepreneur In Your Circle

Getting clarity on your most important work and applying the science of productivity to your plans each week gives you leverage, and produces compounding results.

You start consistently working ON your business, not just IN it. And hitting your biggest goals, without clocking more hours at your desk, or sacrificing your freedom and control.

We’ve helped over 6300 entrepreneurs achieve all kinds of incredible life-changing goals.

Commit Action Benefits

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No Contract. 30-Day Guarantee

How It Works

Step 01

We Help You Craft Fine-Tuned Weekly
Action Plans

When you sign up for Commit Action, you’ll immediately be assigned a dedicated coach.

Then once a week, at a time you commit to, you’ll get on the phone with your coach to create your weekly action plan.

Your Coach Will Do All The Heavy Lifting

asking the right questionsorganizing your thoughtstaking detailed notes on each sessionbreaking down goals into realistic action stepsscheduling time on your calendartracking results and progress

…so you effectively clarify your goals, identify your highest impact activities, and create a focused action plan for the week ahead.

You finish the call with your week’s game plan set, scheduled, and mapped out in our app, which then auto-syncs directly to your preferred calendar. (Your coach also emails & texts you a personalized summary for reference.)

Step 02

We Keep You Accountable & Taking Action

Armed with your plan, you go into your week with incredible clarity and focus. You no longer feel overwhelmed.

You wake up in the morning and operate with deliberate intention because you already know exactly what you need to do for the day.

Throughout the week, your coach checks in with you via email or SMS to make sure you’re on track.

You execute and you feel good because you know you’re doing the highest impact activities — things you know you should be doing and are finally getting to.

Moving in circles is a thing of the past. Instead you finally make measurable, weekly progress towards your goals with confidence and momentum.

Taking actions requires less grind, resistance, and internal motivation because you naturally feel the external accountability pulling you forward.

Finally, you’re not going at it alone anymore.

Step 03

We Help You Review Each Week & Improve

At the end of the week and the start of the next, your ritual starts again when your coach calls you.

They’ll start by analyzing your past 7 days: Successes. Struggles. What got done. What didn’t. What you could do better next time.

Together, you’ll celebrate the wins and draw powerful insights from any obstacles you faced.

Your coach will record everything down in our app to support potent self reflection and make consistent improvements over time.

Finally, while integrating lessons from the past week, your coach will re-adjust what’s necessary and begin guiding the ritual for the new week ahead…


Our Commit Action Coaches

100% full time. 100% in-house. 100% the best.

Our HQ is in NYC, but our coaches work remotely across the USA. Together, they’ve logged thousands of hours with members and worked with entrepreneurs from 1000’s different niches, across 22 different countries!

Every Commit Action Coach is...

Selected from a battery of psychological tests and profiles, then interviewed exhaustively to ensure they’re the perfect fit. We hire less than 0.5% of applicants.
An expert in our evidence-based methodology, designed to optimize your mental game and get you hitting goals faster than you ever though possible.
Trained for hundreds of hours working 1-to-1 with entrepreneurs, so whether you’re talking about funding rounds, or your CAC to LTV ratio — they get it.
Experienced in a wide range of industries and niches; from e-commerce to SaaS, real estate, agencies, and everything in between... we’ve helped businesses of all kinds hit their goals.
Our HQ is in NYC, but our coaches work remotely across the USA.

See what our members say...


Action orientated 1-to-1 coaching for entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives, at a fraction of the price of business coaching.


$ 320 / month Save $958

billed annually

Membership includes:

  • Dedicated Commit Action coach, highly trained, US based.
  • Onboarding session with your coach (1 hour deep dive).
  • Weekly 1-to-1 productivity coaching calls (4 per month).
  • Easy-to-use planning and productivity app (managed with your coach).
  • Custom action plan each week, auto synced to your preferred calendar.
  • Regular support and check ins with text and email.
  • Attend monthly live webinars, quarterly workshops, and annual events.
  • Access our full content library of video trainings.
Good Fit Guarantee see amazing results within 30 days, or your money back.

No Contract. 30-Day Guarantee


Bonus 1: Strategic Planning Call


These hour-long deep dives help us get to know you and your business in detail, map our all your most important projects, and create a step-by-step plan for getting them done.

You’ll be able to book one of these in as soon as you join, and then you’ll go through it again every quarter so you have constant clarity on your goals.

Bonus 2: Learn the Psychology of Enterpreneurship

Training You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

As a perk of Commit Action membership, you’ll get access to lots of member exclusive content:

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Quarterly workshops to keep you organized and on-top of your goals, year round

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Monthly live events on everything from the science of habit building to overcoming imposter syndrome.

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Access to our full video library back catalogue (featuring guests like Seth Godin & Nir Eyal!)

Try Our Service Risk Free

We’re confident that our service gets results, and we want you to give it a try.

But if it doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t pay. That’s why we offer a simple guarantee:

If you don’t feel like this is working for you and producing amazing results, then email us within the first 30 days and we’ll promptly refund your payment in full (no hard feelings)!


We pair you 1-on-1 with a highly trained, US-based accountability coach, who you speak to over the phone every week.

Their science-backed coaching will get you clarity on your most important work, and the ideal cognitive conditions to get it done.

It’s like having someone on your team whose sole job is optimizing your focus and productivity.

Long term, the Commit Action ritual gives you the structure and psychology to become the most effective version of yourself possible… and stay that way.

In many ways Commit Action is unlike anything else out there, but here are some useful comparisons we’ve heard: It’s like a mastermind, except it’s 1-to-1, and it’s always your turn. It’s like a business coach, except rather than telling you what to do, we help you execute on the things you already know you should be doing, and learn from experience. (Which is often the only way, especially for leadership, building a team, or establishing business specific processes). It’s like the relief and confidence you feel from sharing your ideas with a close advisor or confidant, except it’s habitual, like clockwork, every week. It’s like a project management tool, except it’s human powered, psychologically beneficial, you don’t spend hours learning the software, and you’ll still be using it in 3 weeks time (we’ve all been there 😉). It’s like drinking coffee for the first time, except instead of keeping you up at night, you sleep soundly knowing you’re one step closer to becoming the person you want to be. It’s like being strapped to a rocket, except instead of you going to the moon, your revenue goes to the moon. ”Commit Action, like a genie, makes your wishes come true but rather than something from a storybook this is real.” (Taken from an actual review on Trustpilot…) Ok you get the idea 😄

Commit Action coaches are experts in behavioral psychology and productivity. Their main focus is facilitating a weekly planning ritual in your life and business.

At Commit Action, we believe that most entrepreneurs know—deep in their bones—what they should be doing. And they know where to go to find out what to do, in the rare event they get stuck. The key is to keep taking action. To keep moving forward. To execute.

So if you are looking for someone to tell you precisely and exactly how to grow your business and market your products, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But if you want to take consistent action on your highest leverage opportunities, this is for you.

Our coaches will ask the questions and create the structure that gets you moving on your best ideas. The best business strategy comes from learning through experience, and our science based approach accelerates that process—making you more self-reliant and confident.

Note: All this being said, our Commit Action coaches are extremely intelligent individuals who have each logged thousands of hours of client work, and spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 60 different countries.

From elite start-up founders to aspiring bootstrap entrepreneurs, they’ve worked with people in hundreds of niches. With this much experience, our coaches inevitably have a lot of valuable reference points related to business strategy and resources that they can pull from.

Again, our coaches are NOT expected to provide business strategy, so do not expect them to do so. However, practically speaking, they may be able to provide valuable tips and pointers on a case by case basis, should the opportunity arise.

Good question. It depends what type of coach you have, and what you’re struggling with.

We’ve found that while standard coaches can offer lots of new ideas, entrepreneurs often have a lot of their own already. What business owners struggle with is getting focused, pushing through those mental barriers, and taking action. And that’s where we come in.

Our focus is on helping you identify your best ideas, and most important opportunities, and then take action on them consistently, so you can learn from experience.

To summarise…

If you need help with: Consistency Focus Prioritization Organization Delegation Accountability Then Commit Actions short regular checkin calls, mixed with our evidence-based approach to productivity, will help you a lot.

Yes, you can click here to be put in touch with a coach over SMS right away.

Once you’re in contact texting, you can ask to arrange to speak with them over the phone too. Please keep in mind, we have very limited availability for these calls though, and you may have to wait.

The weekly calls are designed to be quick; a “minimum viable dose”.

This follows the behavioral science principle that you maximize long term results by making the behavior that drives them easy.

New customers would surely love to spend two hours really diving into our system, planning out their week to a level of outrageous precision.

But how many weeks could they feasibly keep that up?

By optimizing for consistency with a tightly focused 20-minute ritual, we’ve created a proven methodology for incrementally increasing your personal effectiveness… with results that compound over time.

Commit Action customers who keep the ritual going for a year become unrecognizable to their former selves: they transform into execution powerhouses.

All our coaches are expertly trained to be flexible about applying our methodology across diverse client types. Commit Action works because of our evidence-based methodology, not because of the specific personality fit between you and your coach.

So it shouldn’t be an issue (and never has been for 99.9% of our customers). That said, if you really feel like you and your coach are not the right fit, we’re happy to match you up with a new coach =)

We make our coaching calls to landlines & mobile numbers worldwide. If you prefer to use another method like Skype or Zoom, we can be flexible, but we do not do video calls.

“Zoom Fatigue” is real and our coaches and you will spend your calls visually engaging with our proprietary planning software. Looking at tasks and plans beats staring at each other in terms of practical usefulness.

The first step after sign up will be booking in your initial deep-dive onboarding call with your coach. You’ll have a wide range of days and times (usually starting from about 8 business hours in the future!) to choose from.

Then at the end of your onboarding call, your coach will find a recurring time for your weekly ritual call together that works for you.

Please note, our coaches are US based, and availability is within normal working hours for US time zones. So just check how your time zone overlaps with EST / PST for an idea of what times will be open to you.

Yes, all your interactions with your dedicated one-to-one Commit Action coach are considered 100% privileged and confidential. Your information is NEVER shared outside of Commit Action Inc. We have a lot of serious entrepreneurs doing important work on our platform, and protecting their trade secrets, intellectual property and personal information is one of our paramount priorities.

We share the standard marketing data and analytics that most smart companies do – you can read our privacy policy for more information on that. The actual data you share with us related to your plans, tasks, and schedule are never ever shared.

No, we have a lot of people who are just starting businesses, as well as clients who are creatives and executives doing other stuff. You can use Commit Action to help you excel in any area or endeavor that you want.

As a premium service, we generally like to work with clients where there is a clear return-on-investment for the fee they pay us for our support. If you have ambition, autonomy, and a path to long term reward then we can help you make your big plans happen.

Commit Action is a human powered, software-enhanced service. In other words, the core of our service is human based, but we developed a fully-fledged web application to be the backbone of your weekly planning ritual.

Aside from the cognitive benefits of a consistent planning ritual, part of joining Commit Action is about outsourcing your “productivity admin” to a pro.

So our software is primarily a tool to help your coach take those difficult and repetitive parts of planning your week off your plate.

You just dump all your disorganized thoughts, ideas, and to-dos into the app, and your coach will help you prioritize, flesh out what’s important, and carve out specific time to get it done.

Then that action plan can be automatically synced with your preferred calendar system such as Google, Outlook, or Apple.

The app also helps your coach track your results. Over time you’ll build a personal behavioral database, so you can understand your own pattern of what has worked best, and how to improve in the future.

No, you are free to use whatever todo list software you’re currently using. Our productivity tracking software works in parallel. It is a tool our coaches use to plan, track, and optimize your progress over time—and it’s especially focused on High Leverage Work.

You can continue to use your own software or planning tools but you can login anytime to view your progress over time.

No. Commit Action is month-to-month (or year-to-year if you choose to pay annually and benefit from a 20% discount). There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or long term contracts. You can quit at any time. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on both monthly and yearly plans, so you are safe to try the service out risk free. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Yes, if you wish to stop your membership at any point, you can either notify your coach, or just your account by via the clearly-marked “Billing Options and Records” section within your Commit Action dashboard.

There is no contract, so once your account is cancelled you will not be billed again.

While the price may be more than you’d like to pay, please know…

…it’s less than we want to charge.

Commit Action coaches are all highly trained, US-based professionals, who work with you 1-to-1 over the phone every week, and are available to text or email around the clock.

We have to compensate them well for the amazing work they do.

But that’s not the only reason for the price.

At Commit Action, we believe in value-based pricing. And we’ve seen first hand the extraordinary return on investment that come from our coaching.

Read our reviews here to see stories of doubling sales targets, first time six-figure months, and achieving life long revenue goals, after only a few months.

Then you’ll understand why our clients are happy to keep paying month after month (after all, we wouldn’t have a business if they didn’t).

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Plain and simple: you may cancel and request a refund for any reason within the first 30 days.

If you want to read the exact terms, just check here: payment policy.

Join now and achieve
your goals faster

No Contract. 30-Day Guarantee